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Right! I've managed to read your comments, but not to reply. So I… - vaclav [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 16th, 2009|09:33 pm]
Right! I've managed to read your comments, but not to reply. So I will just thank you all.
I'm rediscovering science. (Doesn't that sound fancy?) I got a microscope for Christmas, and I've been inspecting bits of my life under it. Sugar looks like an asteroid belt, and a strand of my hair looks like a cactus. Rose petals, it turns out, are pixelated. I've got a bunch of sunset colored roses here, and it turns out that some of the cells are bright yellow, and some of them are bright red. I thought they'd shade gradually, but no.

I wanted a microscope, because I wanted to look at creepy weird things with lots of legs-roasted furs being propelled around by wheel shaped protrusions, things like that. (roasted furs is actually not what I mean. But it's what Dragon thinks I mean, so, you know, do the best you can.)
Bizarrely, it turns out that the world around me is completely sterile. You may have mites in your eyebrows, bacteria in your spit, and God knows what in your tap water, but I do not. Even scraping the bottom of my shoe and putting the results under a slide turned up nothing but nice clean dirt.

who knew?